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Uneven floor in conservatory

Hope someone can give me some advice. We recently had a conservatory fitted and are having issues with the base. When my tiler came round to lay the tiles he said that the floor is so uneven that he is unable to lay the tiles. The conservatory company came round and put on a self levelling compund. this has since dried and whilst there is a minimal improvement the floor is still very uneven (some dips are 8-9mm).
Obviously i need to call the company out again but wondered if anyone could give some advice.
Many thanks
update-many thanks for the replies.confirmed really what we thought.our main issue really is we believe the base was not done correctly in the first place.the builder levelled it off with a trowel.even with my basic diy knowledge i'm pretty sure you can't level a base like that.

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your new screeded floor should really be perfectly flat & level but a good tiler should be able to get over 10mm no probs.


Answered 10th Nov 2011

get someone in who knows what they are doing because you should not have to self level new screed


Answered 10th Nov 2011

Get the company back to put some more self levelling compound on again and like above the tiled could do the levelling before tiling then you can send the bill to the conservatory company


Answered 10th Nov 2011

If the conservatory company left the floor as tamped concrete, generally known as over-site, rather than a sand/cement screeded finish, then one application of self levelling compound is unlikely to solve the problem. Your tiler should be able to apply a latex self levelling screed himself sufficient to tile over, and as the previous poster suggests the bill for this could be passed to the conservatory company.
It would be worthwhile re-reading the conservatory company's quote and establishing exactly what they quoted you for, and whether they were aware that the floor was going to be tiled.


Answered 11th Nov 2011

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