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Tiling a bathroom

when tiling a bathroom do you put the bath in first then tile or tile then put bath in

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Hi, the bath is always installed before tiling as you need to seal the bath to the wall using silicone before tiling, then again after tiling. The reason for installing the bath first is once you've tiled and sealed the bath again any water that runs down the tiles hits the top of the bath and runs into the bath. Where as if you installed the bath after tiling any water could run straight down the walls behind the bath if the silicone failed. Another reason is if your walls are not flat and the corner isn't a perfect 90 degree then you may need to recess the bath into the wall slightly so there are no gaps around the edge on the bath.
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Answered 27th Nov 2016

Hi! I hope this helps.

If you are having a bath fitted, tiling will always be done once the bath has been fitted and the plumbing is complete. This is the case whether it’s a wall-fitted, corner, freestanding or shower bath.


Answered 27th Nov 2016

Hi yes the bath will be fitted before the tiles so the tiles can over lip the bath then the water would drip into the bath rather then on the floor


Answered 28th Nov 2016

Hi their.

I would recommend fitting the first then silicone around it with clear silicone before tiling down onto the bath and then silicone again with a colour to match your grout or bath which ever you think will tight in best.

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Answered 16th Feb 2017

When putting the bath in first before tiling the plumber /bath fitter should always seal the bath in with clear silicone. But it needs to be levelled off once put in to the bath hight because if it isn't then the tiler has to dig/cut the silicone out to get the tiles level. Thus rendering the silicone useless. It then has to be done again by the tiler wasting time as it will have to set. Hope this helps Chris


Answered 6th Mar 2017

Hi to have best quality finish bath should be fitted first and then tiles are laid on top grouted and siliconed.


Answered 10th Mar 2019

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