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Who's right? different quotes, different approaches but nearly the same price!

I need my roof repaired where my pitched roof meets the parapet (party) wall on my semi detached house. There is currently no leadwork except around the chimneys. There are triangular cement tiles between the pitch and the parapet. The water is getting in where the render has completely come off in big sheets (sand and cement) from the parapet and a few of the angled tiles are loose.
One guy has quoted me 650 pounds to have it leaded, render bead and rendered all along the roof but DOESNT think he needs to replace the cement tiles between the pitch and the parapet as the lead will cover it. He has said he will step the lead around the chimneys and it will look very neat and be as watertight as a ducks -eye-. He also reckons he will be done in a day.
Another guy has quoted me 400 to repair all the render work with sand and cement, replacing any loose tile against the wall and says that leading is overkill. He reckons that to lead it all would be over 1500 quid. He says that there should be at least 12 inches of the party wall to allow you to cut in to the wall with the lead. My party wall probably only sticks up by about 7-8 inches before the capping stones on top of the party wall. This guy reckons that to lead the roof would be two or more days.
So who's right? I would rather have it leaded as it would probably outlast me on the roof, however I am worried that if its overkill or not suitable then it won't turn out right. Should I just keep getting more quotes until I get a majority? ANY advice will be welcomed!

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sorry you dont say what type of roof tiles are on your roof, without this information its hard to say
but render and cement always cracks its only a matter of time when it cracks

but chap two is right in the fact that the lead does need to be cut into the wall stop water ingress

hard to say who is right without looking at the job

out of the two chap one seems to be doing a more thorough job but does seem rather cheap unless its a small roof or a cheaper coded lead should be a code 4 or 5 lead stepped down the roof
would expect it to take at least a day and a half to do the job properly

my advice have it leaded and rendered

best of luck alex


Answered 10th Nov 2011

it sounds like a hipped slate tile roof , your first quote is the correct way of forming a gully between the roof and parapit wall , although still cheap at the price he has quoted , either code 3/4 lead will need to be chased into wall and chimney . you will be fine with the upstand at 7/8 inches high as a 4 inch lap is stipulated to allow for cappillary action of water .Time scale would depend on the skill of trade.
it is allways best practice to get get more quotes , and see there previous work and references also if possible speak to a previous customer aswell


Answered 26th Nov 2011

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