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Washing machine under the sink?

We are redesigning our kitchen and I wonder if we can put our washing machine under the draining board? Then I'll have space to put my washer and tumble drier next to each other. Nobody seems to put washing machines under draining boards and I wondered if there was a reason for this? Thanks

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Hi there is absolutley no reason not to put a washing machine under the draining board, it is an ideal situation for a washer to be, easy access to a cold water supply & the waste pipe of the sink, if the sink is fitted correctly there shouldnt be any leaking to the appliance below & with 15 years experience in kitchen designing & fitting i have never heard of anyone having a washing machine blow up due a water leak from above, hope this helps


Answered 12th Dec 2016

It is perfectly fine to fit a washer Or dishwasher etc under the sink . You won't have no problems at all just try and make sure it's piped up in the sink unit . This will make it sit back to the wall ok so it doesn't stick out from your worktop . Hope all goes well


Answered 9th May 2017

Probably because the danger of water going all over the top of the washer and blowing it up. I would never put it under a draining board. But I guess some would.


Answered 20th Nov 2016

As long as your sink and draining board are fitted by someone competent, there is no reaso not to at all.


Answered 15th Jan 2018

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