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Surveyor informed us that the roof of the house we are buying is sagging, but can't say why, what should we do?

The surveyor could not assess why this is because the loft is converted so there is no access to the timber. We have been advised by him and other surveyors that it would only be possible to assess this is by doing extensive damage to the fabric of the house so we don't know what to do. We know that the conversion (done in the 90s) past the building inspection so some of the surveyors suggest there is unlikely to be a major structural fault or rotten beams, but we are not sure what to think. Would a roofer be able to assess if work needed to be done?

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sorry but without taking the roof of there is really no way of knowing if there are major problems,it could be the way it was built,
could be the roof has been converted from slate to concrete tiles making them to heavy for the structure,it could be rotten beams,
without taking the roof of there is know way of knowing what is going on underneath.
your survayor is only going on the existing paper work which they say is all in order

if your survayor is so sure there is no problems get them to give you a 100% written garauntee saying there is no rotten timbers or structural defects. then buy the house, if at a later date you find a problem you have your garauntee to fall back on.

best wishes alex


Answered 9th Nov 2011

need to take plasterboard of to see how they supported rafters when they removed purlings ,they may not have put enough uprights or braces bolted to apex ,wont know until internal investigation is carried out ,could cost between 1200-5k dependant on extent of work needed


Answered 8th Nov 2011

get a roofer to take off some slates/tiles and measure the size of the rafters this will indicate whether the size is sufficient for the span. if possible dependent on the style of roof a RSJ (steel beam) could be fitted under the ridge. this would prevent any further sagging.


Answered 9th Nov 2011

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