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Hi. I have recently moved and the shower has what looks like a Xpelair Premier centrifugal extractor fan. The shower room has no external walls but is next to the bathroom, so the extractor fan is mounted on the wall adjoining the bathroom and then approx 1.5m of ducting leads across the bathroom to the outside. The fan comes on whenever the shower light is turned on. The fan is incredibly noisy (visitors are comparing it to an "aircraft taking off")! What would be the best way of resolving this?

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Fit a new fan.


Answered 9th Nov 2011

Replacing the fan for another one! As it sounds like the fan motor bearings have gone. You will need another centrifugal type fan due to the duct length. Don't be tempted by much cheaper axial fans as these simply wont be powerful enough to move the volume of moist air, and you could end up with mould and damp issues. The problem you describe is common and its caused by lack of cleaning and maintenance on the fan unit.


Answered 9th Nov 2011

chang it ,to a quieter model ,youll find the more expensive the least noisiest ,


Answered 9th Nov 2011

Hi Sym
The first thing to do is make sure you clean the blades and make sure that there is no obstruction causing the noise some ducting has a metal coil in a pvc plastic it is possible the blades could be hitting it but highly unlikely if the fan is fixed badly ie screws twisting the casing this also can make the blades rub the casing if the blade spins freely by hand and if it is still noisy then you will need to replace it with a new like for like equivalent fan,
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Answered 10th Nov 2011

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