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Which is the best way to insulate a home? Dry line on the inside or external wall blocks outside.

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Hi Mark,
There is pros and cons with both. I personally feel that if the appearance of your property is very much a selling point then your only option is internal wall insulation. A property can achieve a higher thermal effiency by external wall insulation. Other factors to take into account are internal wall insulation brings disruption to the inside of the home, unless you are not staying there and we are at the renovation stage, then the internal wall isn't a bad idea. With external wall you don't have any disruption and all works are carried out externally, on top of that there is the high energy savings which should be around 35-40%. A vast improvement in noise reduction into the property, if this is an issue of course and giving the outer appearance of the property a face lift if it is an improvement on the current outer shell. There are many issues to consider and we are always here for any energy advice needed.
Barry Harrison


Answered 10th Nov 2016

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