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Is green felting cheaper than grey?

I have been quoted £350 for two layers of felting to cover an area 157" x 157". Have little knowledge of materials but have been told roofer is finishing with green felting. Is this a cheaper material?

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In my experience there is no price difference in the colour of the finish whether its red, green or grey but there will be a difference depending on what type of felt is being used i.e if it's torch applied felt then APP is cheaper than SBS ( because SBS is better quality ). A 1m x 8m roll of green mineral felt is normally around £30-£40.


Answered 10th Mar 2011

Hi Tom,
Colour isnt really a factor, Best torch on is SBS felt.
You will probably get couple of under lays with a green mineral cap sheet.
Lot better than the stone chippings, or solar reflective paint.
Either you have a small roof or you have a good price.
I am paying £31.80 for 8m roll of green mineral and same price for a 16m roll of underlay.
If they are torching on make sure they are well covered on insurance.


Answered 10th Mar 2011

it depends on the quality and type of felt used prices vary from tack on at £20.00 a roll to top quaility torch on at £90.00 a roll they all come in 1mtr widths but vary in lenghts, under felts are the same and vary dramatically
in lenght and price depending on quaility used if you trust the roofer should be ok if your unsure get someone you trust cheapist price is not always the best neither is the most expensive.


Answered 10th Mar 2011

Hi Tom,
The green mineral cap sheet should make up the top layer of the 3 layer felt system, there are many types inluding Marley and Icopal, There are also fire rated options which you will need on new extentions and loft coversions as a different option to limestone chippings.
Good quality cap sheets are £35+ and the colour does not really matter, usually though its a 3 layer felt system if its torch on, starting with a tac sheet, 2mm underlay and a 4mm cap sheet.
Thanks Steve


Answered 10th Mar 2011

Red or brown green and grey felts are generally the same prices where white mineral is more expensive
Any felt less then £35 a roll I wouldn't use


Answered 10th Mar 2017

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