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Fibre glass paint used for repair to cracks in lead flashing ?

I've a ceiling leak apparently caused by cracks to the lead flashing. One proposed solution is to use a fibre glass paint to cover and seal the whole gulley. I've not of this paint before, is this a common reliable fix?
Urgent advice appreciated! Thanks!

In response to answers - many thanks LJ roofing, sadly I cannot afford to have full lead replaced at the moment, so this will have to do.
ADR property, great advice, though your sarcasm isnt really helpful.

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It sounds like the lead has come to the end of its life, theres a lot of movement and contraction in lead valleys, so best option is to replace.
Make sure its done with correct code lead, with the required steps, ie lead shouldnt be fixed in one length.
A short term fix would be to lead weld the splits, which a good lead worker should be able to do, this would give you a few more years.
If you are going to paint on a temporary repair, use a product called Acropyl, this has glass fibre strands to aid strength.


Answered 8th Nov 2011

the only long term fix for cracks in lead is complete replacement of the lead for gulleys should be code 5 or 6.
if you want to throw your money away just go out your back garden dig a hole and throw your money in it cover the hole and walk away.

best of luck


Answered 8th Nov 2011

It's not a permanent fix so to be on the safe side i would suggest having a new lead valley.


Answered 8th Nov 2011

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