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Drafty attic caused by slate roof?

hi we have a old slate roof, which has been repaired in the last month. We have been told that it is stil drafty because it has no felt, but when we look up at the roof there is some black material underneath the slate tiles. Is this felt? should our attic be drafty? we still have a slight leak somewhere as the top of the wall has got wet slightly and so we are having the company come back. they are now telling us that we will need to reroof shortly where as before they said that our roof is sound and will last tens of years.

any advice grately recieved. thanks

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without looking at your roof cannot tell whether you have felt or not but sound like it is underfelt,

drafts are air circulation [ ventalation ]

your leak could be any number of reasons

cracked slate, badly installed soakers or flashings,hole in the under felt, wrong size slate used

in the past the most common slate used was welsh slate with a life expectancy of 100+ years.
while you cannot be 100% sure on how long a roof will last 10years to 1mth does seem a big jump
sounds to me like they are now looking for a re-roofing job,
but even if you re-roof with a breathable membrane it wont stop the ventalation in your roof. this is required to stop your timbers decaying


Answered 8th Nov 2011

great answer from adr, tell the other guy to sod off, find a better roofer for advise on how to proceed after inspection, a well ventilated cold roof is a good thing stops condensation which makes the timbers rot.


Answered 10th Nov 2011

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