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Who to check wiring?


I am having an extension built, and some internal works which will require new electrics and changes to existing electrics.

The property is 100 years old, and whilst it seems there has been electrical work done before, I think I would like to check whether my electrics are as they should be -

who should do this? is there an official body to check electrics? or any electrician?

Many thanks in advance

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The best thing to do is visit the NICEIC website and enter your postcode, you will then be shown a list of Approved electrical contractors from your area who can carry out what is known as a Periodic Inspection Report (PIR). This takes about 3 to 4 hours on site to do and is a thorough examination of the wiring in your home. Its a bit like an MOT but for your house!

The contractor, on completion of the PIR should issue you with a report stating the condition of the wiring along with any observations or defects that have been found.

Its also worth having a look on the Electricity Safety Council website as they have somne good plain english leaflets that you can download freely, these explain the inspection and report in laymans terms and are quite good.

Depending where you are in the country and the size of the property, expect to pay around £100 - £150 for an NICEIC registered electrician carrying out this work.


Answered 7th Nov 2011

The new regulations that come into effect in January class the report as an Electrical Condition Report ie there are a number of tests to carry out over and above the old Periodic Inspection and Report this will take a bit longer and be more specific than before so allow for 4-6 hours £125 -£180 as the new regs can be used now you might as well ask for the new inspection and know the full story. Use someone who is experienced fully qualified and has City and Guilds 2391 Test and Inspection of electrical installations! Ask to actually see their certificates we show anyone who asks all our credentials including insurances etc try an NICEIC registered company.
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Answered 8th Nov 2011

It can do any electrician who has enough knowledge and experience to do inspection and testing.
Hope it helps.

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Answered 7th Nov 2011

You should ideally look for a registered electrician within an approved scheme. Like NICEIC, ECA, NAPIT, ELECSA etc.

However any electrician who has the relevant experience and qualifications can do this. They should have the latest wiring regulations to current 17th edition standards and hold a city and guilds level 3 (2391) in electrical inspection and testing.

You should get a detailed report with circuit test results and any non comformities listed.

Hope this helps

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Answered 7th Nov 2011

Good answers from electrical safety services and KA goulden.
As a multi-trader I wouldn't be able to sleep properly at night if I didn't use the services of a properly trained and qualified sparks, and one who's on the NICEIC register.


Answered 11th Nov 2011

Just to clarify, The NICEIC are just 1 organisation, they offer the same standards as others as mentioned on here. ECA, Elecsa, NAPiT. I have been a member of mot of them and memberships are transferable between the different bodies, no different in standards.
In actual fact NAPIT standards are higher than NICEIC as they insist on 2391 inspection and testing. Which NICEIC do not for a domestic installer.


Answered 3rd Mar 2012

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