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Lead pipes on new boiler installation


A year ago we had a new boiler fitted and have recently had the AA to come our and service it, upon doing so they advised us they could not offer a service plan is not wired in correctly (the company who fitted the boiler left it with a lead and plug running from it to one of the near by bedrooms) and there are lead pipes on the water line. (hot and cold tap water)

I recall when the company who fitted the boiler visited us (pre final quote) they advised it would be more than their advertised price (which it was by a lot!) as lead pipes would need replacing, it now appears they have not replaced them.

Before I take this matter up with them further is it expected a new boiler would be fitted but the lead pipes running from it be left? I believed that lead pipes were not safe and they should be removed/replaced as standard despite us paying a lot more for the extra work.

I look forward to any input you experts may have as it's easy to be told by the "experts" we paid to do the work to say it was not needed.


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Hi. Lead pipes are not necessarily dangerous. A lot of old supply pipes are lead. Water makes it own protective layer in the pipe. If work on a quote is stated it should be done or the customer should be notified and price should be considered.


Answered 24th Oct 2016

as clear plumbing states lead pipes are not necessary dangerous,but we allways advise replacement as exposure to lead can cause problems especially in children,if you paid to have them changed then they should have been,did you get this in writing ?, most companies will only quote for what you tell them you want done,and do as they quote,aa could have quoted you to put it right,may be they do not want the work or their plumbers cant work with lead.


Answered 28th Dec 2018

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