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Fire rated downlights

Looking to replace halogen downlights with led in a number of rooms
The IP20 fire rated lights will be ok for most of the rooms.
However one of the rooms has a very shallow void above the cutout. Less than 5cm. Therefore the only lights that will fit are the flat panel. However these are not fire rated. What do people normally fit in this situation. Obviously the fact that they are sold means they must be used.

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Although they are not as common to get you can still buy downlights to fit your criteria, looking online at sites like:

if the ceiling voids 50mm deep then you can allow for the plasterboard depth as well. Alternatively to this you could install a ceiling mounted light fitting and avoid any risk of the light not fitting.

Hope this helps.


Answered 18th Oct 2016

Have you looked at the Aurora M10 Pro's? I've used these quite a lot. They are fully fire rated. The Depth of them are 98mm but the driver is removable and can be flipped over to fit a space of 47mm. Hope this helps :)


Answered 18th Oct 2016

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