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If i am planning to do a ground floor extension, can i still redecorate upstairs before the extension is done, or is it likely to cause cracks etc upstairs (it's a victorian terrace).

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i should imagine you will be ok to decorate up stairs as the work is down stairs ,i never have any problems when i do my extensions,you shouldnt have any cracks if the structural work is done properly


Answered 9th Mar 2011

Hi .You can paint all with out problems but if is for me I live the coridors and landing area to paint in same time with exstantion to avoid the dust.


Answered 10th Mar 2011

When I have the new lintol in place to carry the load it is supporting I then use lead slate to underpin all the uneven bricks/blocks that are not touching the new lintol,this ensure, no movement at all and will not leave any crack,s on the plasterwork.I alway,s hang a groundsheet that is taped round the side to contain most of the dust and rubble when I break through to the new extension.


Answered 9th Mar 2011

You shouldnt have any problems, get your decorating done now, we have the good weather coming soon, and you dont want to be stuck inside.


Answered 10th Mar 2011

Hi mildred,

Yep decorate away. If you're living in the property while the works going on then it's always better to have somewhere finished and clean to go to when the downstairs of your house is looking like a bombsite!

Show your builder that you have no cracks upstairs (becasue you have just decorated) before he starts knocking through/installing lintels etc .

A good builder should be able to install a lintel and connect an extension to your house with minimal trauma to the existing property. If they do not agree to repair any cracking (after you've decorated) upstairs before they start work then maybe you shouldn't hire them??

Ask your builder to supply names of people he/she has done this type of work for previously and ask them if they had any cracking/issues. It's not that difficult to install a lintel. But it takes abit more time and skill to install one well.

Hope this helps



Answered 12th Mar 2011

hi Mildred,
in some way it depends on the ground floor extension. if you plan to open the rear of the property up or create any large openings then their is a good chance of hairline creaks as it is hard to install large beams and support walls at the same time. if your design doesnt invole this then go ahead shouldnt be a problem. but if it does then just be careful. if your project involes moving boilers or any rewiring then forward thinking is needed.


Answered 25th Mar 2011

hello Mildred
You should have no problem regarding the decorating upstairs.
The ground floor extension should have no effect on the rest of the property as long as the correct depth of foundation are poured and your local building control inspector is happy with the foundations prior to pouring the concrete.He or she will have checked the foundation for root systems and taken into consideration location of local trees and the effect this will have on possible movement.
When the foundations are poured at the correct depth, and the extension is built correctly using the correct materials and conforms to building regs you shouldnt have any problems with movement upstairs, you do get light cracking in the plaster once the building has settled down but this is nothing to worry about.
kind regards
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Answered 26th Mar 2011

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