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Appropriate adhesive to use

Have a fresh screed which has been laid for 8 weeks now. Just starting to commission the UFH at 5 degrees per day etc and getting ready to tile (natural stone)
Going to use Ditra for purposes of safety - but want to make sure I use an appropriate adhesive to A) bond mat to substrate and B) tiles to Mat.

I'm going to prime surface with Primer G first (although it's standard sand/cement screed, not Anhydrite) and then planned on using Mapei Keraflex for both the mat and the tiles - is this appropriate though?
Also - how much Addy in total for around 55sqm, bearing in mind both mat and tiles?

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Yes the adhesive is ok, and you are using the right mat I only use ditra, regarding how much adhesive to use I would allow about 15 to 18 bags it all depends of the variation of thickness of the stone,for laying the ditra use a 4mm trowel and for the stone 10 to 12 mm trowel I would use the 12mm trowel.


Answered 11th Oct 2016

6mm trowel for matting and 10mm trowel for tiles -
Approx 25 to 30 bags


Answered 7th Nov 2016

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