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Accidently painted on bare plaster with what turned out to be mouldy paint. how do i fix the smell?

I had an old tub of B&Q matt white that was about 8 years old, that i didnt check before i shook it to mix it up and use as a base coat. When i opened it up to add 40% water to seal the bare plaster, i couldnt see it was mouldy because i had shook it up and it all looked white and fine.
I painted the walls and ceiling with it as a base coat as i was going to paint a top layer of B&Qs Valspar premium range paint.
It smelt a little strange, but it wasnt until the next day when i walked into the room i noticed the strong foosty smell. It was when i opened the tub i had used that i noticed there was mould around the inside of the tub.
I was going to paint over it with a new Crown matt paint as a base coat but first I asked the paint guy in B&Q what to do.
He suggested an expensive specialist primer that covers odours but its £40 a tin and i need 5 to cover the area which is a crazy amount of money.
He said to first try a 1:5 mix of pva and water and give it two coats.
If that doesnt work, he suggested one of their Valspar paints thats acrylic and forms a latex like layer, but needs a week to fully cure, but im working to a tight deadline and need the room painted in 4 days time.
He said he had researched this problem previously, but there was no definite remedy, apart from the expensive primer he first suggested.
I finished putting the 2nd coat of pva water mix on all the surfaces last night, but today theres still a strong musty odour in the room.
Is there any way i can remedy this situation without paying £200 for tins of this specialist primer?
Thankyou for any advice on this most stressful mistake!

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I'd wash the area with a mild bleach solution to kill the smell and any mould spores that might be present in the applied paint, let it dry then apply your top coat of emulsion all should be fine.

Answered 12th Oct 2016

RS Decor

Member since 11 Oct 2016

Use a bleach and water mix to remove the mould smell and spores from the wall so once painted the spores do not reproduce and return back. If paint has covered and sealed the surface then carry on with two full coats of your desired colour if your miscoat hasn't coveted and sealed due to being mouldy then re-misscoat once washed down and dried and then apply your two coats of desired paint to finish off.

Answered 28th Jun 2017

JHV Decorating

Member since 28 Jun 2017

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