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My light fuse keeps blowing off, i have changed it once but fuse has blown again, all other things like hot water, heaters etc are fine..

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Firstly, make sure all lights are switched off, replace the fuse and switch the power back on. If the fuse blows immediately there is a wiring fault and you need an electrician. If the fuse stays ok switch each light on in turn and see which circuit blows the fuse. Once you have identified the circuit that is blowing the fuse try replacing the bulb or bulbs in that circuit (room), replace the fuse and see if the fuse still blows when you switch that particular light on. If the fuse is still blowing there is almost certainly a wiring fault on that circuit and an electrician is needed. If changing the bulbs in the faulty circuit cures the problem throw the old bulbs away - one of them has an internal short. Remember to make sure the power is off when changing the bulbs, and replacing the fuse when it blows! Good luck.


Answered 4th Nov 2011

If the fuse has blown more than once do not keep replacing it this is very DANGEROUS!!!! it can cause fire or electrocution call in a qualified electrician NICEIC Registered is good to trace the fault.
If you have rewirable fuses you could do with an electrical condition report on the whole electrical system this should be carried out at least once every 10 years or less. costs apprx £150 put it up on my builder but make sure you use a properly qualified registered electrician,
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Answered 6th Nov 2011

The lighting circuit has a short circuit fault on it and will need to be tested by an electrician using an insulation resistance tester. Its possible that the short circuit may have been caused by heat damage from a light bulb melting wires within the lampholder or light fitting somewhere.

Without the proper tester, its a difficult job to identify the nature and source of the fault so it is really best left to a professional. In most cases this sort of fault can be diagnosed and sorted within a couple of hours.


Answered 4th Nov 2011

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