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Preventing condensation in fitted wardrobes

I'm planning to install fitted wardrobes to an external brick wall (which has cavity wall insulation), and I'm looking for suggestions as to how I can limit the condensation. One of the ways I'm considering is putting up a timber frame and sheeting the wall with foil backed insulation boards. I'd also install vents on the wardrobe doors. If anyone could any offer suggestions, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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i did the same except i place vents at the bottom and top of timber frame wall and the same with the doors allowing air to go in and out not staying in cupboard. did this a few times also at my home have no problem since do not over full cupboard air needs room to flow if not gets condensation. pending on size of cupboard i have 4 vents in mine 2 at the top 2 at the bottom on timber wall , if you have 4 doors 2 vents at bottom and 2 vents at top


Answered 7th Oct 2016

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