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Advice on sound proofing/insulation


I live in a 2 bedroom purpose built flat, with one neighbour below and one above (no neighbours either side). They both have young children so we currently have some sound (kids crying/playing/banging on walls) travelling through what I believe to be the walls.

Our walls are plasterboard. Behind them is a hollow gap (probably about 7-8cm gap) and then breeze blocks (when you tap the plasterboard it sounds hollow and having put a TV on the wall I know that you end up drilling into breeze block).

I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice on how to help reduce the amount of noise coming into our flat? Can anything be done that does not require ripping out all the existing walls? I've seen there is such a thing as acoustic wallpaper which has good reviews? Or would plastering the plasterboard help add mass and therefore stop the noise coming in?

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2 Answers from MyBuilder Insulation Installers

You can get sound proof plasterboard witch can be Dabed on party walls


Answered 8th Oct 2016

one way would be to cut holes about 100mm in size betwween each upright stud at the top of the wall and fill with vermiculite then patch the holes back up.
fiddly job but worth while


Answered 8th Oct 2016

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