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Garage conversion and over the garage extension.

I'm about to buy a 3 bed detached house, which comes with an attached carport and a garage to the side of the property and runs to the entire length of the house. The carport has brick walls on 3 sides and a roof, doesn't have a garage door. The rear of the carport & garage is the neighbor's garden. The drive in front of the property is wide enough to fit 2 cars. We would like to increase the living accommodation space in the ground floor and the first floor.

In order to achieve this, we intend to convert the carport, which is immediately adjacent to the house to a ground floor guest bedroom with en-suite and build on top the same carport to have an additional 4th bedroom (which can be a master bedroom). We will leave the garage intact. The house is built about 5 years ago, and I don't know of any precedence of conversion like this in the estate.

What are, if any could be the objections from the planners ??
What are the building steps involved in an extension like this ??
Do I speak to 2-3 builders or should I talk to an architect to draw up plans and invite builders to give me a quote ?? I know the devil is in the details, but what is a rough estimate for an extension like this ??

Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi my names Dave Gould from Rakes&ladders. I understand youd like to make a fourth bedroom by extending up on your carport.
First of all to do this you'll need the plans for foundations and carport. You should of had this signed off by builder inspector at some time.
Once you have this it's straight forward as you now know your foundations are strong enough to sustain another level of bricks and mortar.
You can use your original plans for carport and just add your height and pitch of roof on extension. Saving you money and time.
If you ain't got any plans or papers of some sort and the car ports not on plan. A building inspector will ask you to dig down beside original carport and reveal foundation in a few places. This is to check how deep and wide they are and also I'd the ground the foundation is on ain't soft.
Thanks Dave Gould


Answered 6th Oct 2016

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