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Looking for plastering work experience to increase confidence

Hello all,

I've recently gained my city and guilds plastering qualification with the aim of starting a new career in this field. I have done a couple of small jobs (bathroom ceilings) but want to gain more experience doing bigger projects. The problem for me is my confidence. Preferably I would like to work alongside a time served Plasterer to get more experience, and turn build my confidence. However, all the local firms I contact are never interested or get back to me.

I live in Haslemere in Surrey. Is there any local (or nearby) plasterers out there who would consider offering me the chance to work alongside them? Or any advise on how i can get my foot in the door.

P.s. I work as a carer to pay the bills, and part time as a labourer (2 days a week) as I thought this may get me some contacts or opportunities, but it hasn't proved fruitful so far.


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Just keep going mate, be relentless in contacting all the local firms near you and you will eventually get your break, for a lot of small companies taking someone on is a big step so you got to let them know how much you really want it.
Best of luck


Answered 6th Oct 2016

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