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Can you test for washing up liquid in cement motar mix once it has gone off?

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fairy liquid is a no no its not allowed no more
in your mortar , for the likes of wet dash or anything like building .....when it drys off it leaves little holes that frost particles can get in and damage your render or brick or block work ....speacially just a bit above building tempature
and yes it weakens your mortar mix
it makes a good batch tho but
i wouldnt use it

or mortar


Answered 6th Nov 2011

yes you can it weakens the mix,the only time to use fairy is doing the dishes


Answered 3rd Nov 2011

You shouldnt be testing for fairy liquid in the mortar mix, it shouldnt even be in it.
Leave the Fairy in the kitchen.


Answered 3rd Nov 2011

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