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I have vertical hanging tiles on the front and rear facade of my property that need refixing as some have slipped.

Is this an easy job to do, or does it entail re-doing all the tiles? I belive the tiles are nailed into place onto battens, and it's these battens that have broke, and allowed the tiles to slip.
Or should I consider another solution totally e.g. take of all the tiles, and render or plaster the outide instead as a better alternative.

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You can do as previously said, another option is timber cladding, there is some good cladding about that would probably enhance the appearance.


Answered 3rd Nov 2011

the battens will need replaced, so the tiles will have to be removed but it is not that hard a job.
depends what is behind it if it is more feasable to render and you would need to remove some of the tiles to find out,
you really need to post the job on the site and get someone round to check

best wishes alex


Answered 3rd Nov 2011

Hi, yes they will be nailed to battens but it doesn,t mean the batten is broken. If tile comes off, Most times it will be possible to replace tile without stripping back too much. However, matching the colour would be a concern. I wouldn,t go for render if it was me.




Answered 3rd Nov 2011

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