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My grouting keeps cracking and coming loose

only 4 of the small tile 2.5" x 8" keep coming loose?

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If it's not movement in the wall it could just be that the preparation before tiling was inadequate in other words not sealed and there in no key for the adhesive. If the tile adhesive on the tiles that came off is not stuck to the wall then that's it! Good luck.


Answered 2nd Nov 2011

hi sounds like you have got alot of movement & you could try using a flexible grout instaed of a standard grout!
this would be ideal if there isnt too much movement but im afraid if there is excessive movement in the wall then it could all need removeing, new studs put in wall and reboarding but would suggest you try a flexi grout first as this is by far the cheapest remedy!!
hope this helps with your query!
regards Martin, Dynamik Ceramiks.


Answered 2nd Nov 2011

depending on the surface you have tiled on if it is wood then you should have used flexi adhesive and grout if it is a solid wall make sure there is no pin holes in the grout where water can get in which can cause the adhesive to get damp and move slightly and then grout cracks or just scrap the grout out and use flexi grout. hop[e this helped


Answered 4th Nov 2011

Agree with above, flexi grout is the first thing to try.


Answered 13th Nov 2011

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