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Which bolts to use to attache juliet balcony to brickork on first floor?

I have a juliet balcony weighing approximately 50kg. This will be attached to the first floor on the extrior brickwork. There are 4 anhcoring points with a total of 8 holes.

Now I am confused on whether to use through bolts, sleaved bolts or a plug with a heavy duty screw?

I will be using M10 or M12 bolts but not sure if I should use:

1 - High tensile bolt M10 x 100mm - insert plug and then bolt on

2 - High strength M10 through bolts x 95mm

3 - Shield Anchor Bolt Type 10 x 85mm

Please bear in mind that the fixings are being attached to brickwork and I do not want to forego safety.

Thanks in advance.

Brilliant response thanks! I have ordered the Hilti chemical anchor plus stainless steel M10 threaded rods x115m.

I will drill into brick 80mm deep and set the rod at 70. Remaining thread at 45mmm will be covered by washer and bolt 25mm and 5mm bracket from balcony.

Thanks to this site it confirmed that the advice I originally got to use plugs and normal bolts was outright dangerous! Thanks.


I bought Hilti stainless steel threaded M10 rods plus the HY70 chemical anchor. Drilled 12mm holes to a depth of 85mm and then inserted threaded rod. Let it set for 24hrs (overkill) but I wanted to be safe. 1 rod can withstand a pull out force of 3kn and I have used 8 on each balcony with an additional bracket on the door threshold.

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would reccommend m10 threadedbar with chemical fixings using washers and nuts would allow for any adjustment for level if required


Answered 9th Mar 2011

As the answer you have is sound advice I too would reccommend m10 threadedbar on the safer side I would proberly opt for M12!! with chemical fixings using washers and nuts would allow for any adjustment for level if required.
You have to bare in mind that if you leave the property the next ocupants could be a lot biger than you (load to area distribution ratios) go bigger for peace of mind!!


Answered 10th Mar 2011

Just make sure when using a chemical anchor system that the drill holes are well cleared of dust etc as this can effect the grip the bolt has in the brickwork and of course the use of stainless steel is recomended for exernal use!

Tony Beddoes (AB Building Services )


Answered 2nd Apr 2011

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