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Is it unwise/cost inefficient to relocate a gas meter

Dear all, is it unwise/legal/cost inefficient to relocate (upwards towards ceiling) a gas meter in our flats' small kitchen to above the cabinet level (meaning access to the meter only possible by step ladder).

Currently it protrudes inconveniently into the room at about the same level that it would be nice to have a cupboard.

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As far as I can tell there is no problem with relocating a gas meter,though I wouldn't put it too high just in case of emergency where you may need to get to it in the event of a gas leak.You would need to contact National Grid in order for them to extend the inlet gas pipe(that is the pipe that comes in from the main supply outside)and I don't know how much they would charge in all honesty,I doubt it would be cheap.You would also need to get a Gas safe registered engineer to do some repiping for you,price of course depends on how much needs doing and also you would be well advised to get an electrician in to put earth bonding on the new copper pipe within 600mm from the gas meter.
Robert Ward
RW Gas Services

Answered 9th Mar 2011


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I'm not a Gas Fitter, but I don't think it is illegal to have it moved higher as long as the work is carried out by a competent person. I think you might be surprised as too how much it willl cost you though. Is it really that much of a nuisance, could you not just build a cupbaord around it? Would certainly be cheaper.

Answered 9th Mar 2011

Pure Building and Plumbing

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Hi there,it would not be that expensive to move your meter,and you dont need national grid just need to get a proper gassafe engineer......Brian

Answered 9th Mar 2011

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We have had similar problems with gas meters taking up space in kitchens where a much needed cupboard could easily go. I would advise you think carefully about budget Vs looks because it will cost you alot more to have National Grid move it, followed by a reputable certificated gas fitter (as stated above) than the cost of a cupboard mixed with a little clever cupboard space planning.

There are various options to chose from and will depend on the rest of your kitchen. We have done a 3 draw cupboard unit option with plastic gliders, and cut the bottom two draws down in size so they would fit in front of the gas meter. This way, we got the extra storage together with the simplicity of taking the two draws out to get to the meter when the meter reader called. In another property, we put in a simple cupboard and draw unit, built a false base and back around the gas meter and made it so that the whole thing was easy pull out. This had to be a bit more fiddly on account the meter was so low and the gas tap was close to the ground, but in the end, the extra storage was still achieved.

Answered 9th Mar 2011


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