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Hi, i would like to move a kitchen sink to be in the middle of the room on an island. how do i install a drain - the floor is timber on joist, level with ground level outside.

will also need to include a waster for the dishwasher which is at the side of the sink. The outside ground level is at the same height as the kitchen floorboards. The ground immediately outside the kitchen is a concrete path 250mm thick! Under the path is the main sewer which is approx 1000mm deep at the manhole at the front of the property. I also intend to install a new bathroom upstairs above the kitchen in an old bedroom, so presumable there will need to be a svp put in for this. also in planning permission needed.

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Hi, you could also consider a saniflow system which which can pump vertically for 5 meters to join the soil stack if needed.
Quote from saniflow:As the function of the units is to pump waste and water away, it should not usually be necessary to dig up the floor to lay the discharge pipework. It is possible to run the pipework from low level to a higher level e.g. from a basement to ground floor level, or from 1st floor up into a roofspace and then join to a soil stack.

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Answered 22nd Mar 2011

Hello, i cant see much of a problem, sounds like your kit floor is sitting on sleeper walls on d.p.c so there is a nice gap underfloor. So it should be just a matter of digging and laying new pipes and drains which any plumber would be able to do,as far as planning needed dont see why kind regards rigsby.


Answered 9th Mar 2011

For the kitchen sink you would initially need to access the drainage outside and create a point that reduces down to one and a half inch to except your drainage from the kitchen sink. It sounds like the concrete path will have to be dug up for this.
You'd then need to dig under the wall into the kitchen so that you can run your pipe under the floorboards, you'd also probably need to lift floorboards in the kitchen to make life easier for yourself when installing the pipe. Remembering that you should have a minimum of an 18mm fall in every metre.

The dishwasher would just connect up with the sink waste if it were next to it in the island.

If you are creating a bathroom in an existing bedroom you shouldn't need planning permission but you will need to inform building control about the works as there are certain regulations that need to be followed, and they will want to have a look. Speak with the Planning Dept at your local council, they are generally very helpful and will tell you exactly how to proceed.


Answered 9th Mar 2011

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