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Covering soffits with plastic

My soffits need painting. One workman has recommended covering them with plastic soffits. Is this necessary and wise? I realise there is less maintenance in the long term, but covering the wood underneath - is that wise?

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I agree with the other answer pvc capping boards are a brilliant way of renewing your old wooden fascias and soffits but if there is any rot whatsoever then all you will end up doing is at some point in the future having to rip it all back down. I would just bite the bullet and replace the lot for PVC as once the capping board is up there is no way of maintaining the wood underneath so at some point its going to rot. also make sure the pvc you use is grade A non recycled as then it wont discolour


Answered 8th Sep 2016

Never cape over old wood will sweet u wood causing it to travel up your joiust beams old wood will rot nomater what replace a lot of jobs resentley that has been caped over


Answered 16th Mar 2017

This is a great way to make your Fascias, Soffits, Guttering maintenance free(apart from a cleaning with a hose or jetwash every now and then). Its totally fine to over board providing there is no rot or wood warm, if this is the case and there is rot, i would strongly recommend removing the old wooden soffits.


Answered 8th Sep 2016

Completely agree with previous answers. Make sure all rot is removed/repaired before over boarding.

maintenance free besides cleaning, worth every penny


Answered 10th Sep 2016

I would remove existing boards and replace with upvc.maintenance free .peace of mind .


Answered 12th Dec 2018

The old soffit should be removed first and then replace with new upvc ventilated soffit then you will have a full maintenance free roofline


Answered 12th Feb 2019

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