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How much to build a 14ft x 3ft wall

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14ft is 4.3 metres 3ft is .9metres.

4.3 x .9 = 3.87m2 times this by 58.5 bricks per square metre =227 bricks per skin. allow 30 bricks for waste = 257 bricks.
if blockwork is used then divide sum by 6 this equates to 44 blocks per skin.
to build this would cost around 300 pound with another 100 pound if a footing is required.
allow for a skip and materials should cost around the 250 pounds.


Answered 9th Mar 2011

this would cost no more than £500 all in.dig and concrete footing, brick/blockwork and materials.


Answered 3rd Apr 2011

depends on type of brick or block and render ,depth of footings muck away ect ect ect 4inch or 9inch brickwork 4 would require approx 850 bricks 9 1700 blockwork would require 150 blocks so your guess is as good as mine


Answered 9th Mar 2011

hi,you need to say what the size is and is it 4 or 9 inch with pilliars and any brick on edge or soldier course on 4 inch and any piers .are there any footings there etc.many thanks nick


Answered 9th Mar 2011

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