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Connecting new wall to existing (interior) wall

Hi, I wish to take down an interior cavity (block) wall and replace it with exposed brick face wall. Please could you advise, what should be used for tying existing side wall to the new exposed brick wall & also what type of insulation I should use (if any) and lastly, if I need any kind on DPM where should it be placed (eg vertically or horizontally). Thank you in advance for any advise.

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Go to any building merchants they will give you 2 types a wall starter or drill and wall ties


Answered 22nd Sep 2016

I'd use either a wall starter kit which you drill to the existing wall and attach the ties which come with it every three course of brick. or blue bird fish tail ties which you drill a hole to take a wall plug and the tie screws into the plug.


Answered 2nd Oct 2017

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