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Drainage on driveway

Can someone help? The council has approved a 2.4m width footway crossover on my drive, but have told I will need to put drainage facilities in. Is linear drainage the best solution and should it be 2.4m wide or across the whole width of drive? thank you

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A new law came into force in October 2008 which does not allow you run rain water from your newly installed driveway into the storm drains in the road. You must create natural drainage by using one of the three solutions shown below:

1.Run the water into flower beds if the levels and falls allow.

2.Run the water into a line drain (Aco) and then run sub-level pipe work into a soak-away (this a one meter cube hole in the ground filled with rubble).

3. Install permeable block paving with the correct sub-base/chippings etc. (this is an expensive option).

If you execute one of the three options above and you do not have any Heritage issues, then you will not require planning permission. I advise not to ignore as it is the law.


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Answered 3rd Nov 2011

I would imagine they mean something like an atco drain, so as your surface water doesnt run of your property.
This would need to go across the driveway entrance and drain into storm water drains or soakaway.


Answered 30th Oct 2011

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