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Hi, i recently had my chimney re- roughcasted. the builder did not remove the tv arial bracket and the securing wire that runs around the stack. will this be ok

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Over time the wire will rust and possibly break it's difficult to say haw long this will last as I don't know how old the wire is and wot the condition is like but will cause the render to blow


Answered 18th Feb 2012

There is a chance the wire Cable and bracket will rust over time and it's hard to tell because I don't know how old the wire is It's likely you will have an increase of rainwater where the rendering meets the bracket Which in the winter will then freeze and blow


Answered 5th Feb 2017

There is a chance the wire cable and bracket will rust, this will cause the render/roughcast to blow over time.


Answered 30th Oct 2011

It is likely you will have an ingress of rain water where the render meets the brackets which may freeze and blow


Answered 4th Nov 2011

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