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Earthing a property

My electrician has earthed our property by means of sticking a long metal rod in one of the flower beds in the garden. Is this the right and safest thing to do?

Thanks to all those who have responded thus far...appreciate your reassurance and yes the electrician has advised that he is certified.....

Thanks electrical Safety Services!! this is exactly what he has done... I was thinking about it being accidently damaged which is why I posed the question.. The job is not finished yet and he has to come back at second fix so I do not have a certificate yet. I will point this out to him and see what happens. Thx again for your sound advice..

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Hello there,

If you got minor work certificate from your electrician than you are in safe hand as long as all value of earth electrode result as per BS7671 you are ok with it.

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Answered 30th Oct 2011

When you say it is in the flower bed, I do hope that you mean its enclosed in a proper concrete or plastic earth electrode chamber with a removable lid on it and its not just a metal stake with a green and yellow main earth cable coming off of it?

The green and yellow earth cable, needs to be installed in a pipe along its length back to the house fuseboard so as to prevent it being accidentally damaged.

You also say that your electrician said he was registered? but did he show you any proof, e.g. an NICEIC Identity card? and did he actually give you a certificate with test results written on it?


Answered 31st Oct 2011

If your house is a TT system (that is the type of Earthing Arrangement), Yes, that is the right thing to do. Assuming they are complying with BS7671.
If in any doubt, always use an NICEIC registered electrician.


Answered 30th Oct 2011

If the local electricity supplier does not supply you with a main earth you have to supply your own this is a TT system and one of the methods is to install a proper earthing rod and test the resistance, usually earth loop method is the easiest the system also has to have 30mA RCD protection. In my area although rural most propertys can have a Protective Multiple Earth system PME installed by the supplier this is a TNCS system. Contact your supplier and ask the costs involved and if it can be done it is a far better system.
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Answered 31st Oct 2011

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