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Is black mould growing on wall normal?


I had my council over to check the black mould growing in my kitchen. It is covering an entire area of wall and the cold water pipe runs along the bottom of it. The stop cock is in the wall next to it which has a brick missing in the wall that covers it (they wont fix it even though it's been like it since the beginning.) They have told me that the black mold covering the cold water pipe is totally normal. I can almost understand that. But they have also refused to clean the area with mould wash and repaint the whole wall that is covered in black mould saying that as the cold water pipe goes along the bottom of the wall that it should be mouldy and happens in every home.

I have lived in quite a few homes in my lifetime and have never had this before, is what they are saying correct? How can having a mouldy wall be normal and how can they tell me there is nothing they can do?

Any help would be seriously appreciated, I work full time and pay all my bills. I don't rely on any hand outs and all I expect is my landlord to present me with a home that is free from disgusting black mould growing everywhere. I have tried all of the normal ventilation advice, including keeping the heating on low in the winter. I am at my wits end.

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Insulation Installer

No the mould is not normal and is actually not good for your health. I would suggest asking landlord again and if no result then go to C A B


Answered 28th Aug 2016

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