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Upvc patio door won't lock - key turns continually

When uPVC patio door is 'open', I can lift the handle, and turn the key to lock, and turn key about 400 degrees clockwise before it cannot turn further. The handle will not move down and the locking mechanisms stay in place. All good.


When door is 'shut', I can lift the handle, mechanisms sound like they come out, I can turn the key clockwise but it can turn forever without stopping. The lock doesn't engage so the door remains open. Unless I leave the key at a funny angle in the locK.

Any ideas what might be causing this and how I could fix it? Fortunately it still 'locks' but it's a fudge.

The lock is a maco multipoint.

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This could be one of three problems. It could be that the Euro-cylinder (the part that you put the key in and turn) could be faulty, this can be easily changed in about 1 minute and at of a cost of about £50.00 or it could be that the door has "dropped" slightly causing the locking striker and shoot- bolts or hooks to not fully extend to their intended reach.
Another problem might be that just the shoot- bolt "keeps" require slight adjustment, again causing the shoot- bolts to not reach their full extent.

Al in all, an easy fix for a knowledgeable fitter to rectify!


Answered 5th Mar 2017

This sounds like a barrel problem which is quite easily remedied, the door barrel will need changing as it sounds like it has broken as it's not engaging the mechanisms, anyone who has any idea about upvc doors or a locksmith should be able to sort this for you.
Hope this helps


Answered 25th Aug 2016

All of the above are correct, just call out a service engineer to fit new barrel and adjust properly.mcs


Answered 20th Sep 2018

The door has dropped and needs realignment.


Answered 28th Apr 2019

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