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QuestionPaint existing kitchen cupboard doors

I want to paint my existing cupboard doors cream. They have a honey oak varnished veneer on them.

Please can you tell me the best way to go about this? Thanks

5 Answers

Best Answer

We do plenty of these!
We use a zinsser primer, followed by 2 coats of acrylic eggshell in your chosen colour (we use a synthetic brush to apply it then lay off with a foam gloss roller, leaves no brush marks)
Finished of with a coat of satin clear varnish


As T C Property Maintenance has said - the Zinsser needs to be 'Zinsser Bin' and the Satin clear varnish needs to be 'Acrylic' (water based)

Kevin Grimmond & Son Decorating 8th Mar, 2011

doors need to be thoroughly sanded to give them a key followed by a coat of
special primer and then either undercoat and gloss or two coats eggshell or satin finish

Tradesman Decorators(Nottm) 8th Mar, 2011

i personally would take them off and use a compresser. or rattle cans. to get that perfect look.

northview property mainenance 8th Mar, 2011

sand down with a medium grade foam sanding pad, apply 2 coats of shellac based zinsser but remember to buy some methylated spirit for your brushes before you use it or you will have a novelty door wedge within 15 minutes haha, 2 coats of a good quality eggshell always looks the part on kitchen doors.

Barron Property & Decorating Services 3rd Apr, 2011

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