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I brought a 105va transformerfor 3x 12v halogen bulbs, is it possible to wire to a plug instead of directly through the mains, i will only be using 3x 1w led gu10 lights

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SELV transformers typically have a 12volt output and therefore are not suitable for mains 230volt GU10 lamps.

If the light fittings you have accept GU10 lamps then LED type GU10 lamps will be compatible and a direct fit.

If however the lights are low voltage MR16 type lamps (very similar but not identcal to GU10's) then you will probably find that the transformer will not work with them and that you will need an LED driver. This is due to the very low wattage load of LED lights.

Provided that the cable from the transformer is terminated into teh plug properly then this is a compliant solution with regard to the current electrical regulations. You will also need to enclose the 12v side connections in some form of box or enclosure as well.


Answered 28th Oct 2011

Hi, yes you can fit the transformer to a plug top. It would be advisable to make sure the transformer is fixed in place to avoid any stress on the cable. I`m assuming you are not using GU10 lamps as they are 240V and also if you are using LED`s you will need an led driver as apposed to a transformer. Hope this helps,
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Answered 27th Oct 2011

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