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Problem with guttering/ damp walls

I live in a 2 bed mid terrace house and I am experiencing damp problems at the front of the house. I was advised that the guttering needed replacing which I have had done. However when there is a heavy downpour water streams down the front outside wall from the roof. More distressing is that when this happens water starts to drip from around the top of the windows frames on the inside of the rooms involving this wall. At first the water only seemed to drip in the downstairs room (where the window frame is fitted into the recess), but now it has started dripping from the window recess in the room above too. I am on a relatively low income since my husband left and would really appreciate any advice.. I just don't know where to start. I am sorry if my discription is not too great, but i can supply some images of the affected area if needbe. My deep thanks for any help that may be offered. Taz

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It sounds like the gutter hasnt been fitted properly, or theres either not enough or to much over hang from the roof, it could mean fitting some felt support/gutter refurbisment trays.


Answered 25th Oct 2011

this does sounds like the gutter has not been fitted properly. along with the fact the window sealant is failing it not really a big job to correct

but would really need to view the job to see exactly what has been done , could be something as simple as the fall on the gutter being changed and it running away from the outlet rather than to it. thus pooling and comming over the gutter rather than running away this is a commen fitting problem with so called experts

would look the next time its raining to see exactly where the water is coming from.

hope this helps alex


Answered 26th Oct 2011

It would seem to me as if the seal between the window and the wall has failed. Depending on the age and type of windows you have it could simply be a case of reapplying some form of frame sealant around the windows.
However if they are old wooden windows I would give them a good inspection to check they have not decayed/rotted. If they have then unfortunately it will be a bit expensive as the only real solution is to replace them.


Answered 25th Oct 2011

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