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Washing machine too big causing floor vinyl to move and bunch up whenever it's moved

Hi, My washing machine is too big for the place designated for it. The space is flanked on either side by a panel and above by the worktop. The guys who delivered and fitted it had difficulty getting it into the very tight space and in doing so, they pulled the brand new floor vinyl away from the opposite wall and caused it to bunch up. I've had to have the machine taken out to be repaired a couple of times since then and each time the vinyl gets moved more. It's got to the stage that the vinyl is pulled away from the opposite wall by about 5cm and so bunched up at the other side that not only does it look awful, it's unhygienic because I can't clean it properly and now the fridge door isn't closing properly because it's catching on the vinyl.

Buying a new washing machine isn't an option, but I can't replace the vinyl as things stand because the same thing will just happen again.

There is space to play with at the sides if the existing panel is moved, but to do it I would need to replace the worktop, as the panel is positioned at the end of the worktop, then there is a gap before another panel. Also, would having about 6cm more space at either side sort the problem, bearing in mind that it would still be a tight fit for height i.e. about 1cm clearance? I can't raise the height of the worktop because it's part of an 'L' shape with the rest of the worktop and base units.

Alternatively, would the problem definitely be avoided if the new vinyl is completely stuck down next time?

Sorry it's long winded and hopefully it makes sense.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated

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I would say this vinyl would be beyond repair now.
A new vinyl should be installed and should be glued straight to a suitable prepared subfloor , this way the vinyl would not ruck up or move when the machine is removed. However you will need to be careful when moving any appliance as any machine could tear or badly mark any type of floorcovering.


Answered 22nd Jul 2016

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