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My builder has stated that he is going bankrupt. he has taken 8,500 from us so far and we have not even reached damp course level. we have 20 ton pile of soil in front garden also, what can we do?

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First off, act quickly. Talk to the builder and ask what he intends to do about your job. If he says he will finish it, get him moving straight away and get dates from him. If any of the money you have paid is still at hand you need to move fast to get it back. Get the work he has completed valued, and write and request the return of the balance straight away. Take out a small claims summons through Moneyline.


Answered 24th Oct 2011

i find it disgusting this is why decent trustworthy builders get a bad name. you should have drawn up a contract and paid stage payments as the job progresses.
hope you get your money back


Answered 27th Oct 2011

When will people learn,
We hear these stories weekly, whatever possessed you to give that amount, and they arent even up to dpc.
Should have agreed stage payments, 1st payment when up to dpc and oversite/slab in.
Looks like the only option is through the courts, and it is unlikely you will get anything.


Answered 24th Oct 2011

Sorry to hear that.

I agree with Adam.........i wouldn't believe them either.
Sounds like they're trying to pull a fast one Lynda.
'Going bankrupt?'
Classic excuse to rip you off.

Trading Standards & small claims court.

Good luck.



Answered 24th Oct 2011

I am very sorry to hear all this, but one should part company with any money other then perhaps stage payments. The best way is to draw up a contract and find yourself a good builder that has enough cloud without having to ask for stage payments or the whole lot up front. Quickly contact the small claims court and check out what type of company this builder is trading as. Good luck, Mario The Plumber


Answered 25th Oct 2011

Hi lynda,

i find it disgusting that they have done that to you and i would'nt believe them, you can take them to a small claims court, have a look online. What you should of done is given them stage payments throughout the project and not let them take that amount of money.



Answered 24th Oct 2011

its a joke he must of had some idea he was going under ..just right it off and start againe thats the only way


Answered 30th Oct 2011

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