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Toilet flushing

My toilet will flush if i 'pump' the handle up and down 5 or 6 times. The metal bar connecting to the hook is not slipping but I am unable to get access inside the plastic container within the cistern with the other end of the hook mechanism joins?

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Hi there,your syphon will need a new diaphragm.the cistern will need to be disconnected and taken out to do this.......Brian


Answered 8th Mar 2011

the syphon needs replacing
am heating


Answered 8th Mar 2011

Hi, it sounds like the diaphram in the siphon,it can be replaced with a 2 part siphon, the cistern will need to be removed to do this then a coupling kit & doughnut ring may need to be replaced, with the new siphon fitted you can then change the diaphram when it goes again without dismantling the cistern.
Estimated cost for the job £75 Inc all parts.


Answered 9th Mar 2011

need to change the syphon would estimate it to cost between £55 to £75 inc parts


Answered 8th Mar 2011

your syphon is away in your cistern, does your cistern sit on the toilet or is the cistern on the wall (low Level which i think it is )


Answered 8th Mar 2011

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