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Garage ceiling insulation

HI, Got new build home, bedroom above garage floor is cold and loosing heat, builders forgot to insulate under bedroom floor.
Builders have now fitted Kingspan plaster board with 30mm insulation attached to it.
Question- is this OK to do or just a quick fix that's isn't as good as blowing in insulation to 8" thick.

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It is not enough to comply with a new build and breaches Approved Document C and L.

Contact Kingspan and Celotex Technical via email give them the construction and if possible the size/depth of joist and all materials in the make up. Ask them to give you details of anymore insulation required for compliance. They will not comment on non-compliance since they do not want to get into a conflict, BUT it should give you clear indications that you are under-insulated."...CELOTEX TECH are the fastest responders to tech queries


Answered 21st Jul 2016

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