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Plans & regs all approved why do i now need a structual engineer?

I have hired and paid an architect to help us build a loft conversion, porch & move interior rooms around including knocking a wall down.
All plans have been approved by the local authority but now I'm told I need a Structual engineer?? I'm completely new to this but how can plans be approved without having Structual plans in place with I'm told are needed??
Any help , advice or local Structual engineers that could help would be amazing right now! we have been waiting a long time to get the work started. Thank you

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Hi callacast,

Sounds like you have Planning Approval and Building Regs sorted, right?

Structural Engineer - required because your plans will have structural elements shown on them, which need 'calculating' to demonstrate they are sufficient, including what you are going to do regards the knocked down wall. Example, your Architect might have drawn timbers / joists etc and stated "subject to Structural Engineer Approval". Often, the existing roof timbers need upsizing, and it is the Structural Engineer who will calculate what the necessary sizes are. Basically, the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) team will not approve nor 'sign off' (Completion Certificate at end of works) unless all such 'structural' matters are satisfied.

Hope that helps, thanks, Jason.


Answered 29th Jun 2016

The Architect in his fee quote should state if structural services are include and in normal cases are not as this is a separate discipline. The Architect should be lead designer and pull the project together and should advise what and maybe needed to get the job legally consented. For instance the loft conversion should have a party wall notice in place if you are doing works on a shared part wall. Not in the Architects remit but should be pointed out along with structural requirements. Check your appointment or fee quote.

All the best



Answered 13th Jul 2016

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