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Garage wall rendering or basecoat only


I've been told rendering my garage wall will have prevent water saturation which is happening at the minute. I'm considering doing this myself as the back of the garage is hidden by confiers so the finish doesn't really matter at all. To waterproof it, can I apply a basecoat only or do I need to apply a basecoat, primer and render finish? I've been told to use a silicone based render, If I can apply a basecoat only is there any pre mixed ones you could suggest?


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K-rend would be better for this job as Silicone based renders are the best at repelling water on the market atm

If you do it yourself make sure you rule it off as close to level as you can get it with a feather edge (if you have seen a unruled K-rend wall you will know why it's essential!!)


Answered 8th Oct 2016

Agree with above, k-rend would be best suited as its silicone based and sets super solid! Comes ready coloured (big variety) so is maintenance free, if it gets dirty just jet wash it down. id also use hp-12 base cote with mesh as a scratch cote, both provided by k-rend. This will give it an extra barrier and strengthen it especially as its taking water. Also like above said, try get it as level as possible when rubbing it up, or when the sun hits at an angle it will look like a mexican wave


Answered 21st Apr 2017

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