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Roof verges: repoint or plastic

I have a modern 4 bed detached house with two gable ends and two other verges over windows. I recently lost a chunk of mortar/cement out of a small section and am trying to decide whether to have it all checked and re-pointed or go for plastic dry verges. Any thoughts on price for each and if repointing what is the best mix for the job?

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i would take off the tiles and re point as its cheaper and it looks better.the mix should be 4:1.
i would normally charge £200
having a dry verge would cost close to £1000 but they would last longer.

Answered 20th Mar 2011

oatley bricklaying and building service

Member since 10 Feb 2011

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First of all is it a tile roof as you can not fix dry verge to slate.
Second dry verge all the way not only will it last longer and look far neater it will stop unwanted pest like squirrels.
If you are to re point 1:4 ratio is right.

Answered 9th Mar 2011


Member since 11 Jan 2011

we can offer both choices to you . we would have to check first to see if the dry verge would be suitable for your type of tiles. they must fit correctly or they will look a mess and be liable to come off in high winds.
to re point a gable end we will always remove the tiles and use a 3and 1 mix with uni bond.
dry verge price -£600-£700
re point-£ 550

Answered 9th Apr 2011

Flat Roofs UK

Member since 19 Jan 2010

My advice would be dry verge. Its works out a little more expensive than mortar but it becomes maintainence free. The only sure way with mortar is to remove all gable tiles then re-bed and re-point in cement mortar (1:3).
I hope this helps. Our costs for supplying and fitting dry verge to 2 gables plus a couple of dormers is roughly £ 950.00. I,d need to take a look first and be within 50 mile radius of DE15.



Answered 8th Mar 2011

B.T.B Roofing Services

Member since 13 Apr 2008

I think long term you are better going for the plastic verges and also look a lot neater and hold the tiles in place a lot better.

The dry verge system is more expensive but you will probably end up mortaring the verge 2 maybe 3 times in life of the plastic dry verges so will work out cheaper in the end

For repointing you probably want a 1:4 mix

Answered 8th Mar 2011

Bayley Property Services

Member since 21 Nov 2010

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hi, i would always go with pointing. i think dry verge looks cheap, (my opinion). a 4 to 1 mix building sand and cement with a good plasticiser is best. cheers

Answered 8th Mar 2011

domestic roofingandbuilding

Member since 15 Aug 2008

I would recommend the dry verge option, but make sure it is fitted correctly, it gives you a maintenance free warranty, as it is mechanically fixed, it also secures the verge tiles against wind uplift and potential future mortar failure.
Should you go with bedded verges, the correct mix for roofing is 3 parts sand to 1 part cement, and no compromise on this. Cost wise is likely to be the same, as there is a higher labour content for bedded verges.

Answered 10th Jun 2017

Congreve Roofing Limited

Member since 24 Jan 2017

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