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Can i mount a 65" (!!) tv to my stud wall?

I recently bought a 65" Samsung led tv, weighing in at about 30kg. I have bought some "rawlplug interest cavity anchors (r-s1-sm05037/6)". I'm dubious even though it says "heavy" on the packet. will these do? I have a 42" on the wall at the moment with a bracket which the previous owners left. thanks :)

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I personally where the tv bracket is going. Cut the plaster board out and put ply of the same thickness in. Plaster it and paint to make new and then you have a solid fixing. Aim for the wood joist if not. What ever you do don't use the screw in plaster board fixings there not strong enough and even Spring toggles would be pushing it if it's single boarded.


Answered 18th Jun 2016

Yes. obviously hitting a wooden joist is preferable, but screwfix sell a new type of plaster board fixing that will hold that tv just fine (gripit). The fixings were featured on dragons den this year and after trying them myself can recommend them


Answered 2nd Jul 2016

Hi as you say TV is 65" my advice is to locate the nearest timber stud to the centre of TV these will generally be 400mm apart. Then you should be able to pick up a couple of really good solid fixings into the timber stud then use your plasterboard fixings where their is no timber stud. If you can position bracket to pick up more than one timber stud even better but so long as you get a couple fixings and make them good with say 2 x 10 wood screws you will be fine as they will take the weight.


Answered 18th Jun 2016

If I were you I would fix the bracket to the wooden uprights in the wall as plasterboard anchors, plugs etc are only as strong as the plaster board.
Assuming it's not metal studs that is.


Answered 17th Jun 2016

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