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Extra sockets - rcd protection or new consumer unit.

I am having some work done which includes moving a light switch and having extra sockets fitted in a bedroom.

I have been told by one supplier to bring standard upto current regulations i would require these works to be protected by an RCD or upgrade my consumer unit.

Is this correct ? and what would be approx cost

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yes that is correct, hard to give you a price as you may need a earthing upgrade as-well.


Answered 20th Oct 2011

Yes that is correct, since the 17th Edition wiring regulations were instroduced in 2008, it is now a requirement when carrying out an alterattion or addition to an electrical circuit in a doemstic property that the circuit be RCD protected. The aim of this requirement is to increase your safety. Take a look on the Electricity Safety Council website, they have some very good plain english leaflets that help explain RCD's etc in some more detail.


Answered 20th Oct 2011

It is best to bring you CU up to standard, price can vary depending on your earthing, condition of cables etc.



Answered 27th Oct 2011

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