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Hi, I have a nine year old Valiant boiler. The pressure gauge is at 2 plus. It appears the expansion vessel needs replacing. Engineer advises that I should get new boiler as to replace expansion vessel would be $550 and new boiler would cost $1,700. I already paid him $120 to bleed radiator and re pressurize boiler to see if this would work, it didn't. Any thought/ideas much appreciated.

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The pressure vessel may need replacing if the inner part has ruptured, you can tell this by releasing a tiny bit of air from the shraeder valve on the vessel if water comer out then it has had it.

If the pipe connecting the boiler to the vessel
Is blocked it can cause the same symptoms

Is the filling loop connected and letting by?

If only air comes out then it just needs re-pressurising (the vessel itself) very common fault.
But all is not lost, if you have room add another expansion vessel outside the boiler on the return, this should cure it.

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Answered 21st Oct 2011

hello. an average age for a boiler is ten years. replacing the boiler would be more cost efficiant and would give you a condensing boiler saving more money on running costs. hope this helps. stuart


Answered 20th Oct 2011

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