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Will my patio pointing need to be done with resin rather than mortar due to rain?

We have had a Landscape gardening laying a new patio in our garden the last 2 days. It started raining this morning on what should be the last day of the job and has advised due to the rain he will not be able to do the pointing as he goes with the mortar being used to lay the slabs and will have to do the pointing at the end of the job with resin at an additional cost of £160. Is this correct or am I being ripped off?

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The pointing is always the last thing to be carried out when pave laying or bricklaying is carried out.
It is not advisable to point in wet conditions as the motar becomes to wet and added water weakens the mortar. A strong dry motar mix is advisable and in 37 years bricklaying experience have I never come across repointing using a resin mix?

Answered 3rd Jun 2016

R S B Brickwork

Member since 9 May 2016

Rain may also leave pock marks on the surface of fresh (still wet, green to use the trade term) pointing whether mortar or resin. With regard to mortar versus resin, resin is a newcomer. The kids seem to be hearing that resin is the only answer in almost any circumstance. The fact is that mortar has worked successfully for generations so they can only be swallowing the sales hype.

The advantage of using resin is its adherence qualities hence ease of appliance, coupled with its ability to expand and contract so resisting the damage inflicted upon more rigid materials when, for instance, wood or plastic expands and contracts. Hardly an issue with a stone patio.

R S B Brickwork is correct. Any mortar which has been sqeezed to the surface should be removed and the pointing done at the end (or partially, a section at a time, once the bed for that section has set) without recourse to some new, fashionable, trendy but alas unworthy reasoning or expense.

I don't think the contractor is necessarily trying to rip you off. He or she may have heard the inaccurate sales patter, may have heard nonsense from his/her mates and taken it to heart or may even be trying to find a diplomatic way to make up for money lost so far on the job they are doing for you.

In any event, it smacks more of business inexperience than deliberate skullduggery. Take up the subject with them and point them to this thread by all means.

Answered 10th Feb 2017

Freshscaped Ltd

Member since 3 Aug 2016

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