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Electric sockets not earther

I have been told by British Gas Homecare electrician that half my house is not earthed. I need a means of getting the other half earthed without taking up my wooden floors. He said you can run a cable from an earthed socket to an un earthed socket and this would solve the problem but he is not allowed to do the job as it is not part of the insurance plan. Does anyone out there know if this is ok and can they do it. I have four children including a special needs child who does not understand about sockets. Can someone please reply quickly as I need it done quickly. Thanks. I live in Brentford TW8.

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In theory this is possible but its not the best solution and in reality it may only be buying you time. I would strongly advise that you seek the assistance of an NICEIC registered electrical contractor. Asking that they carry out a full periodic inspection of the property, as it could well be that the wiring is life expired and may need some/total replacement (i.e. rewiring), which would be a safer albeit a more disruptive and costly option. At least will a full inspection you will know where you stand and what actually needs doing. Most if not all contractors will provide a free quote on rectifying the problems, but its a bit like getting an MOT for your car, before you can get the repairs done, you need to know what needs doing!


Answered 20th Oct 2011

Hi i would get a local electrician to have a look at this for you, i have been to a house that british gas homecare had been to and is was the same as what they have told you, i had a look at the job and british gas where talking a load of rubbish, get a periodic inspection done ( not by british gas).


Answered 20th Oct 2011

If I had a pound every time a british gas "electrician" has told one of my customers that they have no earth, I would have about a tenner ;).

Seriously, I would get a qualified electrician in to check the circuits that you have been told are faulty and go form there. Hope this helps



Answered 23rd Oct 2011

Tell BG to take a run, best bet is to get a local indepent electrician to take a look,


Answered 27th Oct 2011

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